Exoring the hidden beauties of Bulgaria in the Eastern Rhodopes.


Day 1 - Haskovo city

Pickup from airport. Visit to Haskovo city enjoying the glorious monument of the Holy Mother of God, which is also in the Guiness records for her tallest statue. Later enjoy a walk through the Yamacha park, a look towards the city from the Bell tower, the Kenana park and the city center with the Old Watchtower. Night in Haskovo.

Day 2 - Madzharovo city

After Breakfast head towards Madzharovo city. On the way, we visit the Kromleh at Dolni Glavanak - the Bulgarian Stonehendge.  Also visit the village Gorno pole, where we can enjoy some of the local old houses (optional horse riding availablehere). Later continue to one of the smallest towns in Bulgaria - Madzharovo, a stroll in the Thracian memorial complex, as well as the Natural reservate "Eastern Rhodopes". This is a great place to observe some of the rarest birds - the White-headed vulture, the infamous Egyptian vulture, the Eastern imperial eagle, the Golden eagle and many others. In evening we continue to one of the beaches of the Arda river, if the weather is hot, can have a bath in its crystal clear water. Can also enjoy rafting along its streams, as well as canoes - if the weather permits. After this pleasant experience we will have an overlook from the cliffs above to see the local meander of the Arda river. From here everyone can also take a small beautiful gems as the location is rich in quartz crystals, amethysts, agates, yaspers and others. Night in Madzharovo.

Day 3 - Karzdhali city

Breakfast and then we head towards the cliff city "Perperikon". It is an ancient city, and the largest megalith in the Balkans, founded at least 8000 years ago. After the visit it will be possible to buy many interesting things from the local shops, such as gems, magnets, souvenirs, jewellry and others. After that we head towards Karzdhali city. We walk around the city, visit the temple of the Dormition of the Mother of God, the art gallery "Stanka Dimitrova", and the "Water mirror" at the Kardzhali dam. We can also have a ride on the first mini railroad in Bulgaria, built in 1962. After that we visit the Local historical museum to get to know the rich and ancient history of the region.  The evening is in front of us and we can enjoy some of the great restaurants and "mehanas" with the unique Bulgarian folk music, and for those who wish to party we can later go to some of the night clubs. Night in Karzdhali.

Day 4 - Mineralni bani village

Breakfast and then we head towards the Aida peak. There we will get to the "Bear rocks" where we can have a great view of the mountains and valleys around. We can also visit the "Bear cave" which is just 5 minutes from there. We will also see the so called "sharapani" where people used to turn grapes into wine thousands of years ago. Throughout we enjoy great views. After, we head towards the village of Mineralni bani, where we will have a walk, visit the local terrarium, the Thracian rock tomb "The step" and the fortress "Holy Spirit". We then check into the "D. Villa" hotel and later go to the swimming pool with warm, healing mineral waters. After that we will have a dinner at one of the nice local taverns.

Day 5 - Haskovo

After breakfast head towards the airport and say goodbye to local host.


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4 days
1 person

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