Visa assistance



We are happy to help with all your visa needs.

Our team of experts will help you assist with all paperwork and application process for visas around the world. Our services are limited to following visa/travel needs/applicants - 

1. Tourist visas for individuals traveling with Ai-Xchange to and from India(for any destiantion).

2. Updated information on how to apply visa and paperwork.

3. Help with information of requirements of any particular embassy or agency.

4. Student consultation for visa services. Any student(s) who would like to get counseling or would like to take one of our cultural assimilation programs, we can provide with assistance of visa applications.

5. Crew member for film/commercial production traveling with Ai-Xchange.

6. Members of any religious groups, traveling to and form India on a religions/cultural trip with Ai-xchange.



Ai-Xchange and any of its associates are not involved with providing visas or creating any paperwork.

Visa will be provided by the embassy of any respective country and all decision in this regard will be solely of the embassy.

Ai-xchange at any point of time is not liable to any claims for a refusal.

We are only providing consultation with paperwork and application process.

We do not Issue a visa nor do we gurantee that you will receive a visa at any point.

All visa related questions after application should be made to the embassy and will be answered by the concerned authorites of that embassy only, not by Ai-xchange.

Ai-Xchange or any of its associates will not be responsible for any actions/claims/losses of the applicant or the embassy. The applicant and embsassy are solely reponsible for the whole process from application till the final answer and further.

By initiating the process of travel/visa application/consultation/any other services, at any time with us will confirm that you have read and understood all terms and conditions of Ai-Xchange and will Ai-Xchange or any of its associates shall not be liable for any action whatsoever.

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